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Plant Health Care & Consulting

Why Contact an Certified Arborist for Plant Health Care? 

Do your trees look like this? It's not too late!!!

Call today to schedule an appointment with our Certified Arborist. 

What are you experiencing?

Symptoms, such as discolored leaves, dead branches, or early leaf drop, can prompt a call to a local Certified Arborist. Sometimes the cause of concern is a minor problem that is easily explained and corrected. Other times, the problem is more complex, with several underlying causes and a remedy that requires treatments extending over several years. Unfortunately, if the problem has gone undetected for so long that the tree cannot be helped, removal may be the only option. 

Certified Arborists have the experience and training to detect many potential tree and shrub problems before they become life-threatening or hazardous. Certified Arborists can also make tree and shrub recommendations, such as species selection and placement, to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. 


In addition, the Certifed Arborists at Evans Tree Care can consult with other landscape and lawn care services you may use to ensure that the treatments are coordinated and will not be harmful to your trees and shrubs. Remember, the potential size and longevity of trees and shrubs warrants special attention in your landscape. Bedding plants can be replaced in a few short weeks and a lawn in a single growing season, but it can take a lifetime or more to replace a mature tree. 

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